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Sherry Lewis







Eye colour:


Hair colour:


Skin colour:



Jerry Lewis, Lee Clark, Megan Clark, Tony Clark and WOOHP

Friends and Family:

Jerry Lewis, Terrence Lewis and Mrs. Lewis



Vocied by:

CanadaJill Frappier

Sherry Lewis is a recurring villain in The Amazing Spiez.Also she is Jerry's evil sister and Terry's sister too. She is Voiced by Jill Frappier.


Marc is promoted to WOOCSI, a new division of WOOHP, which specializes in Crime Scene Investigations. Sherry, Jerry's sister, is introduced in the episode as the head of WOOCSI. Lee, Megan and Tony were sent on a mission to investigate the disappearance of famous and intelligent people. But due to the absence of Marc, the three had come across difficulties with their investigation. Then, it turns out that Sherry is evil and the one behind all of the kidnappings. She drained the knowledge of the intelligent people, including Marc, and uses it to get revenge on Jerry for being a goodie two-shoes brother and to take over WOOHP. stopped her and later token to WOOHP Prison. In Evil paparazzi Jerry's evil sister Sherry manages to confuse the WOOHP holding cell DNA scan because her DNA is similar to Jerry's. Once she is free she becomes an evil paparazzi with the full intent on exposing Jerry and the Spiez. She Returns in Scary Jerry after tony accidently let her out of prison she and Terrence teams up in the episode. She is Vocied by: Jill Frappier



  • She has a brother named Terrence.
  • Her DNA is similar to Jerry's DNA.
  • She Is a personal ventral to Jerry next to Terrence and LAMOS in Totally Spies!
  • She was mentioned in a Totally Spies! episode Danger TV by Jerry.


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