Revival Season 3 of The Amazing Spiez aired (After The Whoop) by the French television network TF1 and the Canadian television network Teletoon. 16 episodes were aired and was the last episodes (Cancelled) It ran from 22 April, 2014 to 30 June, 2014

Episodes Edit

  • 1.Operation Pierre Degas´ Secret Stash
  • 2.Operation Monstrous Addiction
  • 3.Operation New Season
  • 4.Operation Fashion King
  • 5.Operation That Farmer & Bitzer
  • 6.Operation Legend of Trudy
  • 7.Operation Brother Trouble Part 1
  • 8.Operation Brother Trouble Part 2
  • 9.Operation Werewolf
  • 10.Operation Changes
  • 11.Operation Oops
  • 12.Operation Jaundied Genus
  • 13.Operation Changes is Good
  • 14.Operation Disaster of Disguise 
  • 15.Operation Catfight
  • 16.Operation Nerd Solutions (Next Season) 

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